We work alongside Accountants, Business Advisers, Legal Advisers and other advisers to SMEs. We assist Advisers to SMEs formulate options for their Clients that are best suited in the circumstances.

The professional framework within which we operate requires that only a Registered Liquidator can provide Formal Restructuring services for a Corporate entity.

We are Registered Liquidators, and we are passionate about saving businesses. We are also Chartered Accountants by qualification. Our practice area is quite specialised and whilst we do not operate as Accountants to SMEs, we can be considered a Specialist Division of any Accounting and Business Advisory practice out there, offering Business Rescue and Restructuring Services to the Accounting and Business Advisory client base who need it.

Ideally we hope Accountants and Advisers introduce their Client’s financial risks or plight to us sooner rather than later, as cliché as it is, the availability of options for the Client will be greater than if our guidance was sought much further down the track.

We take great satisfaction in being able to rescue a business in financial distress and enable its Accountant and/or Adviser to retain the Client in a viable going-concern state.


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