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We are a Value-Based service provider of Business Rescue, Restructuring and Winding up Services in Australia.

We specialise in providing statutory solutions to Businesses faced with financial difficulty.

Our passion is saving businesses, saving jobs, and saving livelihoods.

In unfortunate circumstances, particularly when it is too late to have sought Business Rescue advice, the business may no longer be viable and the only option for the Company and its Director is to take steps to have the company wound up.

We also carry out winding up services on behalf of Directors, Shareholders and Creditors


Who We Can Help

We assist Accountants, Business Advisors, and Legal Advisors to SMEs develop strategies for their Clients to prevent insolvency or enter into an appropriate statutory process to solve any financial burden and save the business of their Client.

Accountants & Advisers

We provide obligation free consultations. Consultations are necessary as they assist us in obtaining an adequate level of understanding of the unique set of circumstances facing your client.

Once we have formulated options for your client and our recommendation, we will provide you an estimate of the likely cost of our engagement to execute the best way forward for your client.

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Directors & Shareholders

You are the ultimate decision makers in the business and are responsible for your business and its ongoing viability.

If you have any concerns affecting the ongoing viability of your business, we provide obligation free consultations to discuss your specific set of circumstances. We will also formulate a course of action that maximises the chance of your business continuing in existence, or otherwise being wound down in an efficient and orderly manner.

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Creditors & Employees

We can act on your behalf to negotiate the payment of any debt owed to you, with consideration and insight into the business’ likely ability to meet the whole of the payment owed to you.

We can also assist you in bringing debt recovery proceedings if negotiations are unsuccessful, by connecting you with one of our trusted network of legal professionals.

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Secured Creditor Lenders

We have extensive experience as Investigative Accountants under Security Instrument to assess the financial position of a business to determine its solvency and ability to continue to meet its financial obligations to secured lenders.

Contact us for an obligation free consultation to discuss your specific circumstance and enable us a review of your security agreements for our recommendation on the best option forward.

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How We Can Help

Many things can contribute to a business requiring assistance throughout it’s existence. It could be the occurrence of an event unique to the business, or affecting the industry within which it operates, or perhaps something like a global pandemic. The sooner action is taken to optimise a business for success or when the business is experiencing financial risk, the more options it will be able to access to achieve the desired outcome.

Value across the whole business lifecycle

Is your business stalled, plateauing, struggling? Are you a start-up and need strategic advice and support, systems to future-proof your business and ensure sustainable success?

Right from start-up or at any stage in a business lifecycle we can help your business grow.

We work with like-minded professionals to assist your business with strategy and guidance from start-up, or at any stage throughout the business lifecycle, ensuring you take-off with momentum and grow sustainably, smart.

Grow & Sustain Advice

We offer business advisory services including differentiated brand creation and identity, marketing strategy and business coaching.

Our business coaches show you how to successfully run your business by identifying and guiding you regularly on relevant areas that need improvement to increase profitability and sustainability.

Our creative and strategic brand specialists help your brand gain competitive advantage and maintain this edge with an effective proposition and consistent brand communications.

Our savvy marketing specialists identify market opportunities and advise on the development, coordination and implementation of plans for pricing and promoting an organisation’s goods and services.


Together or as needed, we provide necessary support in the cycle of business from start-up to ongoing success.

Act at the first sign of any business financial risk indication

Has the global pandemic severely impacted your businesses capacity to operate?

Is your business operating at break even and it’s a constant challenge to get ahead?

Have you lost a major customer or perhaps you are needing to raise capital and simply can’t get access to more finance.

These are a few early signs of stress on your business.
There are many other indicators and by simply contacting us early, we can help you determine if you need help.

Safe Harbour Protection maximising your potential to prosper
Safe harbour is a statutory umbrella of protection from personal liability, afforded to directors of viable businesses that need a financial review and documented forward plan to steer the business out of troubled waters and avoid insolvency. We have extensive experience in managing this process and suggest you connect with us as early as possible when experiencing any form of business financial risk. This will ensure we have a wide birth to save you, recommending the best way forward from your position.

We provide the ability to pivot, reorientate and position your business through clever planning.
This helps to protect your business allowing you to focus on doing what you do best and prosper.

We have your best interests at heart
Winding up or restructuring a business can be a stressful experience. We consider your business position as well as your wellbeing. We’ll end an unsavoury, anxious circumstance with less stress and more opportunity.
Rescue Services to Restructure & Thrive or End Equitably

Various statutory processes are available to businesses that become insolvent or are likely to become insolvent because of the occurrence of some event.

A restructure here may be in the form of a Small Business Restructuring (SBR) Plan for debts under $1m, or a restructuring through a Voluntary Administration and Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) for larger debts or larger businesses.

These statutory processes enable a controlled and orderly restructuring of affairs, communication to all stakeholders, saving the best parts of the business and an orderly winding down of the poor performing aspects.


If business must come to an end, we will manage it equitably and with compassion for all stakeholders involved.

We strive to provide an optimal position post this experience no matter the outcome.

In most cases though, we are experts at restructuring business to help them thrive again.

Our promise is transcendence no matter the outcome.

We're here to help!

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